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About Us!

Optimize IT is a South African IT solutions Company that was founded by Callan Low and Orlando De Sa with the sole purpose of providing the services and products necessary to clients to enable them to stay as competitevely efficient and productive as possible.

With end users being inundated with the vast array of ever changing factors in IT, we facilitate the function of assisting you in making the correct choice for your specific needs.

One of primary strengths that sets us apart is our ability to consult with clients, assess their necessary requirements and offer tailor-made advice with the intention of forming long-term relationships.

From the onset, our company's policy has been: To offer the best and most efficient service possible.

Why spend more money and time than you need to. Let US do IT 4 U!

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Web Design and Development

Our Web team has over 9 years experience in developing online business presences and applications. We specialize in assessing and delivering the site that BEST suits your business needs whether it be:
* An online business presence
* Online Marketing
* Online surveys
* Intranet applications to tie into your existing Sales, accounting, stock or knowledgebase system
* Secure online sales systems i.e. shopping carts
* Online POS systems

Network Administration

We can facilitate the installation, maintenance and optimization of any network structure, be it SOHO or a large corporate environment. Whether on-site or online, we can guarantee you that any support call will always be answered and resolved as promptly as possible. Our Network team has vast experience in working with:
* Windows Based Networks
* Linux Based Systems
* Exchange Server
* Open Source PABX
* Proxy Servers

Custom Business Applications

There are a lot of very good generic business software packages out there that are cost effective. However, the likelihood of these systems being able to meet all your business requirements is rare. As we all know, each company is unique with differing company policies and operating procedures. So why should your company software be any less unique? Optimize IT believes that the system defines the productivity and efficiency of the user, not the other way round.

Quality Products

High Quality Products

At Optimize IT, we understand the frustrations of trying to find the best prices for the most suited product. Why spend valuable time on the phone or online searching? Through our network of hardware suppliers we are able to give you the best price possible and expert advise. Ask us and we'll source IT for you. Contact Us to request a quote.

Desktop PCs

We offer branded packages or custom built Desktops and Servers. Our wide range of specs will suit everybody from a first time Home user, Designer or Developer through to a Network Administrator. All custom built units are subject to stringent testing and quality control.


We specialise in all leading manufacturers. Our purchasing power in this field allows us to offer extremely competitive rates on all new models. This includes all major brands of new generation Netbooks.

UPS Systems

Fuel too expensive? Are you a victim of our unreliable national power supply? Why should your backup power solution cost you more in fuel than your electricity bill? We'll send a technician out to you to assess your office/home power needs and give you a quote free of charge. We import a wide range in bulk which ensures high quality and reliability at the lowest price

Bulk SMS

Communicate to multiple contacts with the same, but personalised, message easily through our safe, easy to use, streamlined, high capacity, online SMS platform. All 4 major Cellular Network providers are supported.

Our Bulk SMS product can help you:

*Import or create contacts and conveniently manage them into groups;
*Personalize your messages, run history reports, analyse and monitor your messaging campaigns;
*Interact with your customers as replies are sent directly to your Replies/inbox;
*Instantly alert your customers or group members of special offers, deals, meetings or changes to arrangeents.

Our web-based product allows you to send messages directly from your browser AND receive replies!

You can:
*Merge our product with your address book;
*Run history reports;
*Bulk import additional contacts;
*Access a number of advanced sending features and send SMS messages to individual contacts or contact groups.

Please contact us for a quote.

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